A team of researchers from Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede started in 2011 with the SaXcell project:
Pramod AgrawalPramod Agrawal – Agrawal, born in Central India, has a multidisciplinary educational and research background of over 16 years in the area of Textile Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-process Technology, Surface Modification/Functionalisation, Inkjet Technology, Bio-based Materials and Material Science in general. In 2009 Agrawal started Agrawal Ecolabs, a consultancy company offering services to textile and related industries (a University of Twente spin off company, supported by TOP program and Venturelab Twente). Agrawal is Vice President at the Foundation of Critical Choices for India. Agrawal is a member of the Saxion research group Sustainable & Functional Materials.


Gerrit BouwhuisGerrit Bouwhuis – After graduating at Saxion in 1982 Bouwhuis started his textile career in industry. In 2006 Bouwhuis switched to Saxion and started with his PhD-research at the University of Twente. In 2011, after finalizing his PhD on sustainable textile process innovation, Bouwhuis was appointed responsible for the research domain ‘sustainable textiles’. His research-work is executed under the flag of the Saxion research group Sustainable & Functional Materials. In 2011 the first experiments of SaXcell started, which led to the proof of principle in October 2015 at the first SaXcell presentation, where products made of SaXcell-fibres were shown at the MVO Nederland Conference ‘GroenIsDeRodeDraad’.


Ger Brinks

Ger Brinks – Brinks studied Process Engineering at the School of Textile in Enschede and Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. He filled various leading positions in the field of research and development at companies like Organon, Otares, Lever Industrial, Unilever Research and Stork Prints. Brinks is co-founder of Perdix Technologies, an engineering company in the field of sensor technology and is director of BMA Techne, specialized in R&D management and technology road mapping.



Henk Gooijer – Gooijer is chemical engineer with specialization in textile processing technology. He received his master degree in Chemical Engineering from TU Eindhoven in 1988 and PhD in textile processing from the University of Twente in 1998. Apart from owning an independent consultancy company in the area of textile materials and processing (Filo Engineering), he is part-time lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and researcher at the Saxion research group Sustainable & Functional Materials. He participates in SaXcell as he considers SaXcell the opportunity to convert low value textile waste into high value regenerated textile fibres.


Jens OelerichJens Oelerich – After his Bachelor Chemistry and Master Molecular Science, Oelerich finished his PhD work entitled ‘bio-inspired catalysis in water’ at the University of Groningen in 2013. Shortly after, he started as a lecturer and researcher at Saxion University of Applied Science, where he works for the research group Sustainable & Functional Materials. Within the SaXcell team Oelerich is responsible for the experimental part and designing the SaXcell process. Due to the fact that the SaXcell process is closely connected to existing processes in textile industry, SaXcell is for Oelerich the most promising way to reduce the tremendous impact of cotton production on the environment.


The invention of the research group Sustainable & Functional Materials is ready to be brought to the market! If you are interested in SaXcell and want more information about investing or the product itself, please contact us.