SaXcell – a revolutionary new fibre

SaXcell is an innovative cellulose fibre produced from cotton waste SaXcell, an abbreviation of Saxion cellulose, is a regenerated virgin textile fibre made from chemical recycled domestic cotton waste. The process to transfer domestic cotton waste into SaXcell fibre is

People behind SaXcell

A team of researchers from Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede started in 2011 with the SaXcell project:   Pramod Agrawal – Agrawal, born in Central India, has a multidisciplinary educational and research background of over 16 years in

Goals & Investing

Goal for the future is sufficiently up scaling of SaXcell fibre production and create valuable end products from woven or knitted fabric from SaXcell fibres. Support of commercial parties (retailers) is necessary for a break trough. Pilot Plant The SaXcell




SaXcell has been in the news since its first experiments. This page gives an overview of a few of these publications related to SaXcell.  

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