Goal for the future is sufficiently up scaling of SaXcell fibre production and create valuable end products from woven or knitted fabric from SaXcell fibres. Support of commercial parties (retailers) is necessary for a break trough.

Pilot Plant

The SaXcell process proved itself with the production of 50kg. To make a fair assessment with respect to technical en economical feasibility of the technology, a pilot plant that can produce larger scales is necessary. Material process ability, efficiency, costs, etc. needs to be assessed for 5-10 ton production/year. To perform a representative test on quality aspects like durability and wearing, a minimum of 3.000kg is needed to process fibres, yarns and fabrics.

The pilot plant enables more research and fine-tuning of the production process. Also to develop new forms of SaXcell: as we are able to guide the fibre structure, the characteristics of the fibre can be influenced.

Our goals

We foresee a great future for re-using textile. The Netherlands has a strong tradition in the textile industry and knowledge in the processing of textile. SaXcell is a technological break through from which a completely new textile industry can be founded. An innovative, future oriented, sustainable textile industry, based on circular economy.


Research is still in development to improve and upscale SaXcell. For a break through in the textile industry participants are necessary for the development of further research, as well as for the market introduction and branding of SaXcell products. If you are interested in SaXcell and want more information about investing or the product itself, please contact us.